Why work for SMS Equipment?

Apprentice Support Program at SMS Equipment:

  1. With an increased need for skilled labour SMS has invested in the creation of an internal “Apprentice Support Program”.
  2. This was created to ensure our Apprentices are set up for success from Day 1 until they become Journeypersons.
  3. The program consists of 6 types of support:
    1. Onboarding Support
      • Welcome activities and opportunities to connect with fellow apprentices
      • Access to a dedicated Apprentice Support Program coordinator
    2. Financial Support
      • Full pay & benefits while attending trade school (no E.I. required)
    3. Training Support
      • Customized (internal) training plan
      • Engaging, challenging & relevant work experiences
    4. Career Development Support
      • Career guidance and information on what SMS has to offer long-term
    5. Mentor Support
      • Guidance from qualified journeyperson mentors in addition to supervisor
      • Regular check-ins to receive and provide feedback
    6. Peer Support
      • Several fun opportunities to connect with other SMS apprentices

Heavy Equipment Technician (HET): Apprenticeship

  1. North America, Canada and especially Alberta, is experiencing a skilled trade shortage – and it is projected to get even worse.
  2. The primary pathway to working in the Heavy Equipment Industry is through a Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship
  3. The HET OFF-ROAD trade path is the most common for our Alberta Technicians
  4. There are many trade schools across Alberta and Canada which offer this apprenticeship, with NAIT being one of the best
  5. SMS has long history of partnering with NAIT and has increased the partnership over the past year or so.
  6. When taking the HET Apprenticeship you are setting yourself and your family up for a secure and fulfilling career. HET’s are some of the top paid tradespeople in Canada, and you could be making $100-$200K a year after just 4 years of apprenticeship!

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